Just in 5 min Integrating SharePoint 2010 Online and CRM 2011 Online.

I have done this for a friend who asked me how to integrate CRM 2011 online and SharePoint Team Site created by Microsoft Office 365. Though i knew all the procedure for SharePoint 2010 Server i had never done it for Office 365 team site. Its all same and much faster that SP 2010 Server. It may take even less than 5 min in doing all this.
Here i have used trial versions for both CRM 2011 and Office 365. I had some glitches in doing so and would tell you guys side by side.

At first you need to create an trial CRM 2011 account using https://crm.dynamics.com/
Create a trial account for Micrsoft office 365 using https://office365.com

I wont be telling the methods to create these as it is easy for doing so. However if you face any problem just post me back and will solve that.

Now as you have both the account ready for you, now lets start integrating the two. I’ll be telling this procedure in three steps:

  1. CRM 2011 Online Part1
  2. SharePoint Online Part1
  3. CRM 2011 Online Part 2

Please follow the steps as bellow:

CRM 2011 Online Part 1:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on Document Management under Settings Tab from the left Navigation Page.
  3. Click on List Components and then Download the list component file from Microsoft Download Center CRM2011-SharePointList-ENU-amd64.exe and extract them.
  4. You will find three files after running the exe. AllowHtcExtn.ps1, crmlistcomponent.wsp and mscrmsharepointeula.txt

We need to used only crmlistcomponent.wsp for this online version so keep it safe

SharePoint Online Part 2:

  1. Open your Team site.
  2. Click on Site Action from the Top Link Bar and from the drop down select Site Settings.
  3. Click on Solutions that is under Galleries.
  4. Click on Solution from the top link bar  and then click on Upload Solution
  5. A popup come with browse option, look for the crmlistcomponent.wsp This was the file you got from the CRM list Component that you downloaded and then extracted. Now upload this.
  6. Now you need to activate this solution or wsp file that you have uploaded. (Glitch1: Sometimes it fails and the error comes but keep on trying after some time. This happens due to online version and you’re all the solutions are hosted online. But i assure you all that it will work ultimately and your solution will be activated. )
  7. Now we are done with SharePoint configuration.

CRM 2011 online Part 2:

  1. Under the document Management Click on Document Management Settings.
  2. Select the entities you want to integrate with SharePoint online
  3. You need to specify the URL for you SharePoint Team Site. The url can be a sub site that you have created into you main team site. I prefer doing that by creating a sub site and then pass the url of this sub site in this window that you got after clicking the Document Management Settings
  4. Now click next and then Select the base entity.(I took account here)
  5. Click on next and it will give you a popup for creating libraries into Sharepoint Online. Just Click OK.
  6. Here CRM will itself create the folders and will give you the status as Succeed and now you can finish this and ever thing is done. (Glitch 2 : The very first time i tried to do this it gave me an error i guess it was again some online authentication but after many tries and following the same method i was able to solve this and was able to finally see all Succeeded.)
  7. Click on finish and you are done with all the things.

Now to validate everything is working Just open any account record and click on Documents from the left Navigation Pane. Now it will give you a popup for creating folders in SharePoint Just  click OK. Now you can attach any document or create any document from CRM 2011 online.

To check this thing works on Sharepoint Online just Open your team site and then click on libraries and you will see all the entities you selected in CRM are here in a folder form and when you click Account (Use this as we have opened a account record in CRM earlier) you will see a folder is again created for that particular account. Under this folder you will again see the same file that we have uploaded from the CRM.

If you have any problem just post here and i will solve them.


2 thoughts on “Just in 5 min Integrating SharePoint 2010 Online and CRM 2011 Online.

  1. I am using “Team Site Powered By SharePoint”. I do not see the Upload Solution option under Galleries. Is it not possible with this version of SharePoint with Office 365?

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